All For A Spell: A Short

Here, flowers don’t bloom because of the stench of evil rotting from the witch’s cottage. The strong, damp smell that goes across the barren field, towards the village.

It’s no wonder they built a high brick wall to keep it out.

Here, birds don’t land because of the witch’s carnivorous plants that guard her home. Those filthy teeth-bearing magical plants can stretch their long stems towards the nearest victim, be it on the ground or in the sky.

They say the witch controls the plants.

Here, nothing good ever comes out alive.

There, do you hear her? The deep, throaty laugh of hers when she’s brewing a new spell. She is always looking for new ways to lure people to come see her – a love spell, a wealth spell, a luck spell, anything a person would want. Villagers would only dare see her when they are in desperate need.

Like the newly-wed couple from the Prairie Hut. They’ve always wanted a baby, and Mrs. Button couldn’t have any. They tried and tried, until one night, Mr Button wouldn’t stand it any longer. He put on his coat, and trudged through the rainy night to see the witch. The next day, a baby Button was born.

I’ve seen the baby once. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the family, too. I wonder where they have gone?

There, do you see the cottage? Notice the broken tiles of the roof. To think the witch knows a good many spells, she could’ve conjured up one to fix it. And there, can you spot the door? No one can, not until you’ve gone closer to the cottage. Don’t worry, the creeper plants coiling on the walls won’t eat you – only those potted flowers.

Oh, they’re only flowers now because the witch knows you’re here. Go on, open the door.

But there is no doorknob. They say, she has placed a spell on the door. It will only open when she is expecting a visitor, and that that visitor has arrived. Also, this way she won’t lose any of her precious spells – no thieves or good-for-nothings could come through.

There, do you smell that? It’s mostly coming from the damp and rotting wood of the floorboards. But the strong musty smell – that’s her. They say it only smells stronger when she’s near. How strong is it now?

Oh. There she is. Looking at you.


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